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Need some inspiration? A quick read to get your ideas flowing? Take your pick, there is something for everyone. Are you dragging your feet and needing more energy without all the quick fixes?  Want to thrive and live vibrantly and not sure where to begin? Need some quick, healthy and nutritious snacks? Is constant travel derailing you from the path of clean eating?

Click on any of these books below to get fabulous suggestions tools and tips plus recipes to get you on track to a healthy and happy you.

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12 Simple Steps to Boost Your Mood, Naturally!

These days, we’re all on scheduling overload, with 24/7 pressures at home, school and work. It’s easy to see why so many people feel overwhelmed, drained and, well… downright moody! Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways we can boost our mood.

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Get Rockin’ Energy

Maintaining energy evenly throughout the day can be a challenge. Learn some of my top tips for boosting energy the natural way! Say goodbye to sugar and caffeine as your go-to energy fixes! Energize your body through whole foods and loving lifestyle practices.

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8 Fabulous Ways to Thrive

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Everyone wants to Thrive right? I have spent many years figuring out some of the best ways to truly take your health to the next level. Are you ready? I’ll tell you my secrets that have helped me upgrade my health and live vibrantly.

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7 Snacks for 7 Days

Clean snacking is an important part of your diet and nutritional intake. It’s easy to make your own snacks when you have a tool kit of quick recipes. Enjoy this selection of guilt-free snacks. So good they could double as treats!

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Easy Nutritious Weeknight Meals

That the whole family can enjoy. Plus my top planning tips and kitchen staples. This is your survival guide to getting yummy and healthy dinners (and lunches) on the table as well as getting yourself set up and organized.

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Healthy Thanksgiving
Favorite Recipes!

Vegan, Gluten and Dairy-Free.
Plus tips for a healthier holiday season.

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Change your Diet, Lifestyle and Mindset: Take the weight off and keep it off

Is your weight an ongoing struggle? I have 40 fabulous tips that cover the full spectrum to help you approach your mind and body in a loving, holistic, and wholesome way. I’ve included some simple and nutritious recipes and a one-day slim-down plan to use whenever you need a jump-start.

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Your Travel Survival Guide: How to Thrive while you are on the move

Like to travel but not sure how to stay on track? Discover the path to thriving on the move. Food packing tips; dining suggestions; managing exercise while you are away; herbal remedies for travel ailments; my personal travel beauty pamper kit plus a bonus ‘kids travel corner’.

My Bookshelf

I get inspiration and education continually, and derive these from many different experts, books, and resources. My collection is invaluable and forever growing. Here is are a few of my favorite resources that educate and inspire me in the kitchen, my daily life and my work with my clients.

  • At Home in the Wholefood – Amy Chaplin
  • Green Kitchen Travels – David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl
  • Plenty More – Yotam Ottolenghi
  • It’s All Good – Gwyneth Paltrow
  • My New Roots – Sarah Britton
  • ‘Oh She Glows’ – Angela Liddon
  • Sprouted Kitchen – Sara Forte
  • Food52 Genuis recipes – Gena Hamshaw
Wellness & Health Books

Some of the experts I turn to for knowledge and further education on chronic illness and the path to wellness.

  • Medical Medium – Anthony William, Md
  • Brain Maker – David Perlmutter, MD
  • The New Health Rules – Dr. Frank Lipman
  • Digestive Wellness – Elizabeth Lipski
  • Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life – Dr. Claudia Welch
  • Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome – James Wilson
  • Herbal Medicine – Dr. Sharon Marie Tilgner
  • In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan
  • Clean Gut – Alejandro Junger
  • The Blood Sugar Solution – Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Food and Healing – AnneMarie Colbin
  • Grain Brain – David Pearlmutter
  • Clean Gut – Alejandro Junger, MD
  • Miracles Now – Gabrielle Bernstein
Food Blogs

There are some incredibly talented food bloggers out there. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • The First Mess
  • Dolly and Oatmeal
  • Deliciously Ella
  • Love and Lemons
  • My New Roots
  • Green Kitchen Stories
  • My Darling Lemon and Thyme
  • Rawmazing
Wellness Boutiques

Unfortunately today, many store bought items are full of chemicals and toxins. I have searched high and low for some of the best products, herbs and oils out there.

  • Levert Beauty
  • Sun Potion
  • Floracopeia
  • Host Defense
  • Anima Mundi
  • Cap Beauty
  • Mountain Rose Herbs