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cooking classes westchester county

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”

In my kitchen or yours, with 10 of your besties or one-on-one, this program includes cooking classes that will take the stress out of cooking and will inspire you to get back into the kitchen.

Health begins in the kitchen and setting yourself up for success is key. We can start by detoxing your kitchen and then restock with a healthy food market trip; learn how to make quick weekday or more elaborate holiday meals; involve the children and inspire even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy healthier foods. The kitchen is the center of your home and therefore it is central to bringing health and wellness into your life.

Let‘s get rocking in the kitchen...

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Market Tours

Confused by food shopping and marketing claims? Navigate the aisles with me by your side to stock up on the staples you need to build a rock star kitchen. I‘ll teach you about new ingredients and how to incorporate them into your daily diet.

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Kitchen Detox

Together, let’s clean out the toxic and health sabotaging foods and replace them with the building blocks of a wholesome, thriving kitchen. Real, energizing and living foods are the cornerstones of robust health.

cooking classes westchester county

Cooking Coaching

(1:1 or small groups) I’ll teach you my secrets to feeding your entire family fresh, delicious food they’ll love. Widen your cooking repertoire, boost your confidence and feel inspired in the kitchen.


Home Cooking Service

Meal preparation, including shopping, cooking and delivery for your busy lifestyle. Anything from 2 – 7 days of food or just snacks for the month. Come home to a full fridge after travel, or enjoy nourishing home cooked food if you are simply short on time.

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  • "I want to thank you for a wonderful cooking demonstration and food seminar today. I learned so much and was so invigorated by your insights. If I were a talent scout I would sign you up for a Food Network show! You are dynamic and knowledgeable and insightful and you radiate the healthy lifestyle you are encouraging…Thank you for opening my eyes and thoughts to feeling better through healthy food, both for me and my children. The food was delicious!!!! With heartfelt thanks."

    TW, New York
    TW, New York
  • "Kirsti is a natural in the kitchen and makes meal time feel easy. When she is in the kitchen, her whole body is alive! She exudes such confidence and passion when she is there - the kitchen is clearly her happy place. When she explains her simple steps, and demonstrates with finesse, you leave feeling confident to experiment in the kitchen. She clearly possesses her father’s natural talents. Her meals and recipes are absolutely delicious- yet so simple and fuss free. Many of her recipes are family staples."

    EP, New York
    EP, New York
  • "Kirsti taught me to love being the kitchen. She helped me to appreciate that in order to take my health in my own hands, it was important that I understand the role that the kitchen played in this. I now don’t see cooking a chore and something that I have to do, but rather a place to spend time in to keep myself and my family healthy, energized and nourished. My mindset has totally changed and it makes being in the kitchen such a pleasure. Thank you for instilling that confidence in me and for creating such positivity about being in the kitchen. Your passion is infectious."

    NA, New York
    NA, New York
  • "Kirsti’s love and passion for food is admirable. Her energy when she speaks about food is incredible and inspiring….Her simple recipes taught me the importance of cooking with seasonal fresh ingredients, fresh herbs and spices and to make simple and nutritious meals. She also helped me ‘detox’ my kitchen and set it up for success. Even my kids enjoy making yummy snacks and treats that are yummy and good for them. I wish I had more time, but when I am in the kitchen, I feel empowered about making choices that are wiser for the whole family. I am hoping for a cookbook one day!"

    AB, New York
    AB, New York