In order to thrive, we must achieve balance in our diet, lifestyle, stress management and mindfulness. Coaching will address all of your individual concerns so you can restore energy, vitality and general well being.

Through an in-depth assessment of your whole self, I will address your personal health concerns and the underlying causes of imbalance.

When it comes to your health and wellness, there is no one-size fits all approach. Together we will connect the dots between your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. As your health coach, I will design a comprehensive wellness plan that will address your specific triggers, stresses and obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your health goals. I’ll assess your current lifestyle and give you lots of of hand-holding. Together we will set goals and pave the way for lasting vitality.

One, three and six month programs as well as monthly maintenance options are available. These are tailored and designed to meet your needs and suit your schedule. I accommodate Australian time-zones with flexible hours.

Customized Wellness Programs Include:

  • An in-depth health history and assessment of your whole self
  • Working together to connect the dots between your symptoms and causes and current diet and lifestyle
  • Coaching sessions – in person; phone; Skype
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Goal setting – short and long-term
  • A comprehensive and holistic plan to address causes and achieve desired goals
  • Weekly diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Recipes and meal guides
  • Options for kitchen detox and set up, cooking classes and market tours
  • Options for a deeper full body assessment and a suggested herbal protocol for healing and balance
  • Handouts, giveaways and access to special programs and events


Let's get started

  • "Kirsti’s support is genuine caring combined with deep knowledge and her desire to help us be our best and healthiest self. Her materials and resources are excellent and she is wonderful to work with."

    JG, Georgia
    JG, Georgia
  • "One-on-one coaching with Kirsti is the absolute best! She's extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health... Whether it's some extra recipes you need, a tailored exercise plan, mindful eating or work-life balance - she's right there with that perfect balance of empathy and support. Doing one-one-one with Kirsti means you've got her right by your side - always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you've got everything it takes to meet your goals. As a working mom, I love it that I know Kirsti knows what I'm going through... and that she knows from first hand experience what it takes to have the full, well-balanced life that we all want and need for real happiness and success."