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Something’s just not right. You’re eating more, craving sugar all day, sleeping less, feeling scattered and you’re in a constant state of stress. Pimples are popping up all over the place and you cry at the drop of a hat. Does this sound familiar? You may be suffering from hormonal imbalance, something that is VERY common today!

Hormonal imbalances can be attributed to environmental toxins, chemicals in our food, synthetic estrogens in beauty products and soy, stress, illness and much more.

Hormonal imbalance often lurks in the background, wreaking havoc within while symptoms lay dormant.

Here are some signs that something is not quite right in the hormone department, an area in which holistic health can certainly support you.

  1. Tired AND Wired

Ever feel completely wiped out but very on the up? Feeling wired’ as they call it while being super tired is a strong indication that your adrenal glands need some extra love and support – this gland is responsible for producing and storing the stress hormone cortisol and can get fatigued with too much wear and tear (ie. chronic stress.) Chronic levels of elevated cortisol can really tax your adrenal glands and put you on a roller coaster, leaving you both up and exhausted at the same time. Over time, adrenals can fatigue; when that happens, you may experience debilitating lethargy and depression, be left feeling unmotivated and just really unwell!

  1. Can’t find your libido?

About 70% of low libido is hormonal. Estrogen dominance or low estrogen can be responsible, as well as your thyroid health and cortisol levels. When you add high stress, poor sleep and diet, sex might be the last thing you have the energy or desire for.

  1. Constant cravings?

Stress increases cortisol that in turn increases sugar cravings. Sleep deprivation will do the same thing. Too much insulin, produced by eating too many carbs and refined sugars, will make you resistant to the hunger hormone lepin, which tells your brain you are full. Lepin resistance means more cravings for food, especially sweets, and the vicious cycle just keeps going.

  1. Belly bulge won’t budge?

Insulin (fat storage hormone) and leptin (hunger hormone) resistance, high levels of cortisol (stress and belly fat storage hormone) and low levels of thyroid hormone (responsible for metabolism) might be to blame when the belly bulge just won’t budge. Diet and lifestyle play a huge role when it comes to shifting the hormones related to weight loss.

  1. Your moods change with the wind

Serotonin, the happy hormone, tends to drop during your monthly cycle, which can explain why some women feel quite low and flat during this time. Diet and lifestyle choices can also play a role as 80% of the happy hormone is produced in your gut: a dysfunctional and inflamed gut can deplete levels of the feel-good hormone.

5 ways to reset and balance your hormones:

  1. Eat clean and embrace an anti-inflammatory diet. Good nutrition will nourish the adrenal and thyroid glands, both of which are often at the heart of weight gain and sugar cravings.
  2. Manage stress, sleep more and embrace self-care –Stress and an excess of stress hormones, cortisol, causes sugar metabolism dysfunction and fat storage. Meditation, sleeping more and finding time for self-care can help manage stress and balance hormones.
  3. Remove toxins, chemicals, pesticides, overused antibiotics, over-the-counter meds etc. These are notorious for disrupting the endocrine system by damaging its cells and disrupting bodily processes.
  4. Heal your gut. Hormones and gut bacteria play a major role in inflammation—the root of all symptoms and imbalances—so you’ll want to nourish your gut with healthy bacteria, correctly prepared and combined plant-based and fermented foods as well as pre and probiotic rich dietary staples.
  5. Embrace cleansing – as a lifestyle, not a one-hit-wonder. A holistic cleanse program which embraces both an elimination diet and lifestyle tools, can help you clean out and upgrade your diet by removing the foods and toxins that tax the endocrine system glands. It will teach you to make and implement changes and to balance a 80/20 wholefood clean-eating lifestyle.  As well, you’ll learn how to embrace self-care, stress management, exercise and healthy relationships well after your program is over  – all essential steps when it comes to balancing hormones.

You need to know: you’ll never beat the symptoms until you embrace a holistic lifestyle! Once you appreciate the value of hormones, their role and the need to keep them balanced, you will live better than you might’ve imagined possible!

Are you up for it? Want to reset, re-balance and connect the dots? Come join me on my next holistic seasonal cleanse journey which starts May 12th so I can teach you to read your body’s symptomatic clues and inspire you to pinpoint the culprits in your lifestyle. We’ll get you thriving–inside and out! Click here for more information on the next upcoming cleanse program

Can’t wait – see you on the journey!



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