Connecting the dots through health education, detox programs, and support to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

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Kirsti Pesso, Founder and CEO

Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach (CHHC)
Certified Detoxification Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

Kirsti Pesso is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach (CHHC), a Detoxification/Detox Programs Specialist, a certified ACE Personal Trainer and has a background in Psychology and Social Work.  Kirsti began her journey as a child, where she grew into a young foodie in her father’s professional and home kitchens.

When Kirsti’s father was suddenly stricken with a heart attack 13 years ago, she became intensely committed to finding out why this happened; her journey led to an understanding and deep passion for the powerful interconnections between diet, lifestyle and one’s wellness.

“Thrive with Kirsti Pesso” was born of that intensive journey and exploration. She eats, sleeps and breathes holistic health and wellness and works hard to help others find balance and embrace positive changes so that they can thrive. Her work embodies a holistic approach to wellness that motivates people to connect the dots in their own lives on two levels: by discovering the underlying causes of their symptoms; and by exploring the interconnectedness of their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health to achieve true balance and vitality.

Kirsti empowers people with real-life tools for lasting lifestyle changes. She does this through group and tailored 1:1 cleanse and wellness/lifestyle programs as well as private and group cooking classes and workshops. These educate, empower, support and inspire positive change that encompass all aspects of ones life. Kirsti has transformed many lives over the years, supporting and inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. To read more about Kirsti’s story and the birth of thrive click here.

The 80/20 Plan for Life:

The foods we consume, the lifestyle we live and the products we use have a powerful influence towards our physical health and state of mind.  Balance is within your reach—I don’t believe in deprivation. When you apply the 80/20 rule to your daily life, wholesome and clean living becomes second nature and ‘cheats’ are never a cause for guilt—they are allowed, 20% of the time! The other 80%, we simply strive to live our best. This philosophy can apply to all areas of your life:


80% of your diet should be filled with wholesome, real, unprocessed and living foods that are largely plant-based. The other 20% gives you the freedom and flexibility to indulge in the foods you simply can’t live without – chocolate, ice cream, pasta etc.


Get in your weekday workouts and take the weekend off; when you are having an extra busy week give yourself permission to take a breather. Sometimes sleep is more essential to your health than exercise. Even a short brisk walk can do wonders for your energy and mood.

Work Life Balance

Commit to working within your regular office hours 80% of the time and only work beyond that 20% of the time. Setting these boundaries will give you freedom and help bring balance to your life.

Sleep and Self–Care

Making time for sleep and self-care is an essential part of your wellness plan. Try to be in bed by 10pm most nights of the week. Committing to more sleep and special ‘me-time’ can be a game-changer for your well-being.

There are Four Main Elements to Thrive...

A thriving lifestyle means balance in the following four sectors of life:

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Food is medicine. Draw nourishment from a clean, living, mainly plant-based diet. Eat real, nutrient dense food that hasn’t been stripped of its goodness, energy and nutritional integrity.

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Always make time for movement and exercise, relaxation and self-care; focus on social connections and supportive relationships. Embrace daily rituals that nourish and balance you.

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Stress Management

Implement coping techniques, get support and plenty of sleep to keep stress at bay. Nourishing your adrenal glands – your stress responders – is essential to maintaining robust and last health.

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Take time everyday to slow down, breathe and be still. Live with purpose, and gratitude. Try to be present and mindful in all that you do, from playing with your kids, to eating a delicious meal.

My commitment to you is to support and empower you by giving you the knowledge and tools you need to read the signs and cues of your body. I want you to learn how to connect the dots and understand how the food you eat and the stresses you experience impact on your well being. I want to inspire you to nourish yourself and restore balance by embracing the principles of Thrive.


  • "I just wanted to say that you spoke so beautifully. You capture an audience with your presence, zest, beauty and knowledge."

    KL, Australia
    KL, Australia
  • "I have attended Kirsti’s speaking engagements, and have been inspired by her palpable positive energy and clear wealth of knowledge in this field. Kirsti has an innate sense of how to connect with everyone in her audience on a personal level, making her followers feel like family. She explains her program in a clear, easy to understand manner. Her voice is genuine and her attitude altruistic by nature. Kirsti clearly knows how to explain to people how to live a life at the optimal level of vitality!"

  • "Kirsti Pesso is a firecracker. She's extremely knowledgeable, passionate and an innovator in the field of health. She doesn't only speak from a place of expertise but practices what she preaches. She radiates health and beauty because she speaks from a purely genuine place. I thoroughly enjoy hearing her speak because I know I'll walk away with pearls of wisdom and the motivation to follow through. I feel fortunate to be in her company and highly recommend others to be compelled by her. She's inspiring!"

    MM, New York
    MM, New York