Healthy Thanksgiving Favorite Recipes

Vegan, Gluten and Dairy-Free
PLUS: Tips for a healthier holiday season.

Thrive with Kirsti Pesso helps you improve your overall health and well-being with a restorative and re-balancing process,  a customized wellness coaching program and a specially designed market-to-table nutrition experience.

By balancing your physical, emotional and spiritual self, Kirsti inspires your journey to optimal health. Thrive will move you towards accomplishing your health goals with a personalized, integrated approach.

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If you’re struggling with digestive and gut issues, sugar cravings, hormonal imbalances, skin or weight concerns or you just need to upgrade your health, Thrive with Kirsti Pesso will educate, support, empower and inspire you to live a vibrant life. Get your extra shot of wellness with my holistic cleanse programs, customized wellness coaching, cooking classes and nutritional workshops.


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  • I found the "cleanse" experience a most valuable one….Kirsti has been a facilitator, enabler, guide, nurturer and teacher and she has provided a rich mine of helpful, constructive, well written, comprehensive information, whilst providing continuous support, personally and collectively for the duration of the cleanse process. I consider her work a gift to all of us who were prepared to challenge our thinking, taking steps to understand, shift existing food, lifestyle paradigms. Thank you Kirsti, for a truly unique, professional, excellent program. I feel very fortunate & truly grateful.

    PC, Australia
  • I just wanted to thank you for this experience…This has really been such a life enhancing experience for me. I have been craving this type of change in my life but never knew how to really do it. I really feel like a new person. I love that I am no longer guided by cravings, caffeine and huge energy dips. I feel stronger, energized, and just feel lighter and more balanced. I truly can't thank you enough.

    AW, New York
  • One-on-one coaching with Kirsti is the absolute best! She's extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health - and she tailors her support to whatever your goals are, and what you think is getting in the way…As a working Mom, I love it that I know Kirsti knows what I'm going through - that she's juggling all the same things I am - and that she knows from first hand experience what it takes to have the full, well-balanced life that we all want and need for real happiness and success.

  • Kirsti Pesso is a firecracker. She's extremely knowledgeable, passionate and an innovator in the field of health. She doesn't only speak from a place of expertise but practices what she preaches. She radiates health and beauty because she speaks from a purely genuine place. I thoroughly enjoy hearing her speak because I know I'll walk away with pearls of wisdom and the motivation to follow through. I feel fortunate to be in her company and highly recommend others to be compelled by her. She's inspiring!

    MM, New York
  • Kirsti is a natural in the kitchen and makes meal-time feel easy and fuss free. When she is in the kitchen, her whole body is alive! She exudes such confidence and passion when she is there…..When she explains her simple steps, and demonstrates them with finesse, you leave feeling confident to experiment in the kitchen. She clearly possesses her father’s natural talents. Her meals and recipes are absolutely delicious - yet so simple and fuss free. Many of her recipes are family staples.

    EP, New York


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